Guled Ahmed

Guled Ahmed has more than 15 years’ experience in hydropower, water resources management, and highways infrastructure projects in developing and developed countries. His water resources experience includes drainage and storm water management design, green and sustainable infrastructure planning, H&H modeling of floodplains, bridges and culverts, and GIS-based watershed assessments and planning. Guled has also been incredibly involved as an advocate on Horn of Africa (HoA) water transboundary treaties, cross-border energy and water security, climate change, and Paris Agreement reforms. As an entrepreneur he has founded two renewable energy companies, Power OffGrid and Jiko Biogas, in Somalia. He has developed disruptive, innovative, and affordable smart hybrid renewable energy and asset financing systems, increasing access to electricity, adequate clean water, and clean cooking, improving productivity in sectors in rural and urban areas in Somalia. He is also certified as a Global Juror of SDG11.

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