Challenges to Egypt from the Coronavirus Pandemic

Source:  The Institute for National Security Studies

Author(s): Ofir Winter and Tzvi Lev

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The coronavirus crisis presents Egypt with a host of challenges, given its large, densely-packed population, an economy exposed to global shockwaves, and a fragile health system. As it continues, the crisis will likely exacerbate Egypt’s financial struggles and endanger its political stability. Those most vulnerable to the virus’ economic effects are the millions of irregular workers who have no social benefits and who are likely to slide quickly into unemployment and poverty. As such, the benchmark for the Egyptian government in dealing with the crisis is its ability to formulate a plan that balances between the need for social distancing to curb infection and the economic constraints that demand a return to routine as quickly as possible. During the pandemic, Israel can promote cooperation with Egypt on issues such as preventing the spread of the virus throughout the Gaza Strip, providing medical knowledge and equipment, and offering diplomatic assistance in the international arena.

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