Sustainable development: An unavoidable path for Egypt’s future

Source:  Middle East Institute

Author(s): Sarah El Battouty

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Egypt has realized a significant number of changes in healthcare, education, and economic reform policy over the past decade. It is also increasingly looking toward policy for development that emphasizes cohesive problem solving, in line with its Vision 2030 strategy, which highlights the need for positive knock-on effects from investments in human development. Yet the country’s current development trajectory faces two major challenges. First is the size of its population, estimated in the 2019 CAPMAS report at 104 million people and growing at a rate of 2.6 percent annually. Second is the increasing need for employment among the youth, which comprise 60 percent of Egypt’s total population and have growing expectations for the provision of better services. These challenges are coupled with a young population exposed to globalization, a government system that has faced capacity issues for decades, and a bureaucracy that requires significant restructuring to meet needs. Egypt must overcome all of these hurdles as it pursues its national reform agenda and look for solutions that are both immediate and sustainable in the long term.

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