Development of the military situation in Sinai – Dec.

Source: Egyptian Institute for Studies

Author(s): Haitham Ghoniem

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In December 2019, there was a varied activity by the Islamic State’s local organization, known as Sinai Province, in the evicted areas of Rafah, where the militant organization managed to diversify its attacks during December while maintaining a generally low frequency of operations, where its most prominent activity in Rafah was an attempt to target the “Al-Mina” checkpoint, west of the city, where it clashed with the force of the checkpoint and damaged the watchtower. The Egyptian army faced these attacks with air strikes immediately after most operations without announcing results of these raids so far, as no military statement was issued by the Egyptian army commenting on these operations during December. The Egyptian Ministry of Interior only issued a statement announcing that the National Security Sector killed three militants in the Gelbana area.

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