2 auctions for Egypt antiquities in London; will Cairo act?!

Source: Egyptian Institute for Studies

Author(s): Hussein Duqeil

Original Link:  https://en.eipss-eg.org/2-auctions-for-egypt-antiquities-in-london-will-cairo-act/

Although the most important exhibition of Egyptian antiquities abroad was inaugurated in London a few days ago: “Tutankhamun: Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh” at the Saatchi Gallery London (3 Nov. 2019 – 3 May 2020) in the presence of high-ranking Egyptian officials – a few steps away, other Egyptian antiquities will be sold at public auctions organized by two international auction houses late this month and early next month, exactly as the head of the young King Tutankhamun was sold at an auction in London only a few weeks ago!

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