NATO countries should help Egypt mitigate security challenge near Libyan border

Source: Atlantic Council

Author(s): Amal Kandeel

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Egypt is facing multiple security challenges for which a military solution is deficient. A complex interplay between internal and external challenges, as well as human and security challenges, is evident in western Egypt and within the area bordering Libya. The mix of harsh climatic conditions, inhospitable terrain, and lagging economic development, on one hand, and the post-Muammar Qaddafi breakdown of security in Libya, on the other, has left sections of the western border area of Egypt a passageway for illegal activities. Aside from the conflict and political vacuum in Libya that have fueled this protracted security threat since 2011, and the difficulty of patrolling hundreds of kilometers of borders, a development gap in western Egypt also offers suitable conditions to be exploited in illegal cross-border activity.

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