Egyptian Women 6 Years after Sisi’s Access to Power

Source: Egyptian Institute for Studies

Author(s): Monitoring and Documentation Unit

Original Link:

Since the military coup of July 3, 2013, violations against women in Egypt have unprecedentedly increased. In the past six years, dozens of women have been killed by police forces during sit-ins and protests, and by army forces during ongoing military operations in North Sinai.

In this report, we have identified multiple types of extrajudicial killings in terms of criminal intent (deliberate and indiscriminate) and in terms of how victims were extrajudicially killed (five forms).

Dozens of women have been subjected to enforced disappearance by the Interior Ministry’s national security apparatus for various reasons, including expression of opinion, human rights work, and community activity; and others who were arrested and disappeared while they were looking for their forcibly disappeared beloved ones and relatives.

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