The Protests in Egypt: A Wake-Up Call?

Source: The Institute for National Security Studies

Author(s): Ofir Winter and Doron Ella

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Over recent weeks, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi was confronted was with his gravest public crisis since taking office. Mohamed Ali, a former Egyptian military contractor, posted videos on social media accusing the top military and political echelons of a range of corruption offenses and encouraged the public to protest against the President. Despite the wide dissemination of the videos, only a few thousand people responded to Ali’s call and took to the streets. But the regime’s success in containing the protests is no cause for nonchalance on its part, as the fundamental economic and political problems that sparked the public anger remain in place. Many of the regime’s supporters see in the protests a wake-up call and an opportunity to embark on measured policy amendments from a position of strength, hoping to prevent another wave of protests. Initial announcements on behalf of regime spokesmen promised economic, political, and media reforms, but these have yet to be translated into action on the ground. Egypt’s stability is important for Israel, and Israel can contribute through economic and security cooperation, as well as through support in the international sphere and the avoidance of moves that are liable to add fuel to the Egyptian fire, chiefly vis-à-vis the Palestinians.

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