Egyptian Antiquities & Legalization of Smuggling

Source: Egyptian Institute for Studies

Author(s): Hussein Duqeil

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The sale of the head of Tutankhamun at an auction in London in July 2019 provoked angry reactions from a wide range of Egyptians, which is good in itself, but reviewing these responses shows that most of them were misplaced; which indicates that we are in urgent need to raise Egyptians’ awareness of the reality and status of Egyptian antiquities both at home and abroad.

Officials of the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities come out – after every similar incident – to the world with many fiery statements threatening and warning auction houses against allowing the sale of these antiquities. However, they have never succeeded to implement any of their threats or stop sale of Egyptian antiquities abroad, for one simple reason that these auction houses cannot advertise the sale of Egyptian or non-Egyptian artifacts without verifying their ownership titles.

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