Hoping for release, families of imprisoned Muslim Brotherhood youth offer to stay out of politics, make hefty donations to state-run fund

Source: Madamasr

Author(s): Madamasr

Original Link: https://madamasr.com/en/2019/08/27/feature/politics/hoping-for-release-families-of-imprisoned-muslim-brotherhood-youth-offer-to-stay-out-of-politics-make-hefty-donations-to-state-run-fund/

Families of imprisoned Muslim Brotherhood members are calling on Egyptian authorities to release their relatives in exchange for a pledge to never again participate in politics, as well as a hefty donation to a state-run fund for each prisoner, according to a London-based source with close ties to the group.

The new initiative, which was announced on August 19, came five days after a letter claiming to represent 1,350 imprisoned youth of the Muslim Brotherhood was published online that called on the group’s leaders to open talks with the government and resolve the ongoing conflict with authorities to help secure the youth’s release. Brotherhood leaders responded by casting doubt on the letter’s authenticity.

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