The Chinese Development Model: A Cure for Egyptian Woes?

Source: The Institute for National Security Studies

Author(s): Ofir Winter and Doron Ella

Original Link:

As Egypt formulates and implements its economic reform program, its official discourse refers to China with increasing frequency as a supreme positive example. “The Chinese development model” – as it is known in China and throughout the world – is identified in Egypt with modernization, scientific advances, foreign investments, integration into the global economy, and mega-projects that stand to yield high economic growth rates and enable a response to the challenges of a rapidly growing population and dire poverty. Moreover, the Chinese “success story” is intended to help Abdel Fattah el-Sisi’s regime justify the political model implemented in Egypt to both foreign and domestic audiences. China is cast as evidence that an authoritarian, centralized, and efficient regime that combines characteristics of a free market economy is essential in realizing the national goals of a developing country such as Egypt.

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