Egypt: Mass hunger strike at al-Aqrab prison over denial of family visits and dire conditions

Source: Amnesty International

Author(s): Amnesty International

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The Egyptian authorities must immediately end cruel and inhumane detention conditions and allow regular family visits at al-Aqrab maximum security prison in Tora where approximately 130 detainees have gone on a mass hunger strike for more than six weeks, said Amnesty International today. Many of those on strike were arrested more than two years ago and have not been allowed a single visit from their families or lawyers.

In response to the hunger strike which began on 17 June authorities have retaliated against the detainees by beating them, applying electric shocks with tasers and punished some of them with disciplinary measures, in an effort to coerce them to end their strike, according to a statement issued by detainees from prison. At least 10 hunger-strikers were blindfolded and transferred to special cells which they are not allowed to exit all day.  

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