The Working Group on Egypt’s Letter to Secretary of State Pompeo

Source: Human Rights Watch

Author(s): The Working Group on Egypt

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Dear Secretary Pompeo,

We write to ask you to express concern publicly and privately about the abysmal conditions of political detainees in Egypt, as highlighted by the June 17 death of former president Mohammad Morsi.  Morsi, aged 67, collapsed in a courtroom and died after six years of detention under exceedingly harsh conditions.  Not only was Morsi kept in prolonged total isolation and allowed only three family visits over six years, prison officials denied him medical treatment for diabetes as well as kidney and liver conditions.  He and his family protested repeatedly about his deteriorating health (for example, he lapsed into several diabetic comas), and British parliamentarians who investigated warned more than a year ago that Morsi’s mistreatment might well lead to his premature death.

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