Militants scouted Batal 14 checkpoint ahead of attack | Death toll in Jourra reaches 5 | Union of Sinai Tribe announces killing Province of Sinai leader | Arish: Longer gas station hours

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The attack on the Batal 14 checkpoint in the Arish village of al-Seel, which left at least 10 police personnel dead, tops the news emerging out of North Sinai this week. Following the attack, the Interior Ministry has issued a flurry of statements detailing the state’s response, which has left 26 alleged militants dead.

However, outside of the attack, there have also been developments on several other fronts: The number of civilians killed after an unidentified missile struck a residential building on June 2 in Jourra, south of Sheikh Zuwayed, has inched higher, after one of those who had sustained critical injuries died in the hospital. The Union of Sinai Tribes also announced that it had killed a former Province of Sinai leader on the same day as the Joura attack. In Arish, the fuel crisis caused by shorter operational hours during Ramadan has been slightly alleviated after the governor announced that the only gas station in the city would stay open longer.

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