Egypt passes wide-ranging constitutional amendments

Source: Middle East Insitiute

Author(s): Mirette F. Mabrouk

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There was never really any doubt that Egypt’s new constitutional amendments would pass.

On April 23rd, Egypt’s National Elections Authority (NEA) announced that the referendum on a set of major constitutional amendments had passed by 88.8 percent with a 44.3 percent turnout. The process took place with bewildering speed. The proposal to amend articles of the constitution dealing with, among other things, the presidential term limits, the powers of the military and judiciary, and the reintroduction of a formerly dissolved house of legislature, was first introduced on February 2nd. The actual amendments were approved by Parliament in a single, uncharacteristically efficient session in mid-April, and a final draft was sent to the president that same day. The following day the amendments were sent to the NEA, which then announced that the referendum would be held two days later for Egyptians in the diaspora, and three days later for voters in Egypt.

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