Post Egypt’s Jan. Revolution: Is the bad language still ’bad’?

Source: Egyptian Institute for Studies

Author(s): Nada ZainAlabidin

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– So, you are really trying to work on understanding the idea of using ‘Ahha’ in the community?

-Yes, I do


In 2015, za2ed18 website published a short video on YouTube titled “How do Egyptians insult?[2]”, the 1:29-minute video shows short scenes of different Egyptian TV programs and talk show presenters and their guests using the crudest and most vulgar words in the colloquial Egyptian Arabic language. They all are very well-known, their programs were and still, are the most watched, their prices the highest, and they all discuss and analyze the political situation in Egypt on a daily basis for years now. Egyptians who always introduce themselves as religious people, accept to get their information and daily life analysis while listening to words they would never accept their kids using.

On 21 December 2017, The Supreme Council of media regulation has decided to prevent the podcasting of Abla Fahita’s Vodafone advertisement[3] because it contains phrases and scenes that don’t suit the public decency, go against the Egyptian community principles, and encourage bad behaviour, in addition to the degeneration of language (Ashour, 2017).

Those two scenes represent the contradiction around how the Egyptian government and the Egyptian community define the community principle and the meaning of its moral code.

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