“Periods in Prison” a campaign calls on the prison authorities to provide cotton-based sanitary pads to female prisoners free of charge

Source: Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights

Author(s): Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights

Original Link: https://eipr.org/en/press/2019/03/international-womens-day-periods-prison

“As a woman, your body is not seen by the law,” noted a former prisoner[1] to EIPR when asked about how she coped with her monthly period while incarcerated. “Your body isn’t seen- that is, until you become pregnant.”

Specifically, the former prisoner was referencing the Minister of Interior Decree 468/2017 on the treatment and living conditions of prisoners (which amended the prior Minister of Interior Decree 691/1998), which does not acknowledge any special treatment for the special needs of women’s bodies until their third month of pregnancy in terms of distributing special meals to accommodate their additional dietary needs.

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