Correcting the ‘Corrective Revolution’

Source: Carnegie

Author(s): Nathan J. Brown

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Egypt’s current constitution was born to be amended, as some of its architects made clear when they wrote it five years ago. One of its most significant features, a limitation on presidential terms that appeared to be deeply entrenched, was quite obviously in the cross-hairs as soon as Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi, the minister of defense when the document was promulgated, became president.

With Sisi’s rise, the only questions became when the constitution would be amended, how, and what else would be thrown into the mix. Egyptian regimes have had a habit of bundling all sorts of amendments into a single package and then presenting them to voters for them to say “yes” (though a “no” option is technically on the ballot). Even the 2014 constitution itself was actually presented as a systematic amendment of the 2012 constitution.

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