How Principled is US Realism in the Middle East?

Source: Arab Center Washington DC

Author(s): Charles Dunne

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“One of the most complex set of challenges we face, and have for many years, is in the Middle East. Our approach is based on principled realism—not discredited theories that have failed for decades to yield progress.” With these words President Donald Trump, delivering his State of the Union address before Congress on February 5, summed up his approach to American foreign policy in the Middle East. In effect, the president was saying that his administration has set out on a daring new course: American foreign policy will now be informed, but not driven by, long-held truisms about Arab-Israeli peace, promotion of democracy, respect for human rights, and the importance of collective action. An incisive understanding of American interests and a willingness to discard old ideas and approaches in favor of bold, decisive, and—above all—pragmatic action will determine America’s course. In sum, “principled realism” is nothing less than “America First” in action.

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