Proposed Amendments to the Egyptian Constitution: Enshrining Autocracy

Source: Arab Center Washington DC

Author(s): Policy Analysis Unit

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On 13 and 14 February 2019, The Egyptian parliament voted in favor — 485 against 16 with one abstention — of amending the constitution. The proposal was submitted by 155 members of the “Support Egypt” coalition earlier this month calling for the amendment of 12 articles in the 2014 constitution, and the abolition of two articles, as well as the “introduction” of two new articles. The proposed amendments that stand out allow the incumbent president to remain in power until 2034 by extending the president’s term from 4 to 6 years and then allowing the current president to run according to the new system. From here a series of actions, expected to take about two months, will begin during which the proposal will be transferred to the Constitutional and Legislative Committee in the House of Representatives to draw up the draft amended articles in order to discuss and then vote on them. If two thirds of the deputies approve the amendment, the proposal shall be presented to the public for a referendum within 30 days. The amendment shall be effective if the majority votes in favor.

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