Verdict for Warraq residents’ lawsuit against the government set for March 26

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The date of March 23 has seen set for the ruling in a lawsuit filed by Warraqresidents against a government decision to develop a new urban community on the disputed Cairo island. The date, set by the State Administrative court on Saturday, means the government and residents have two weeks to submit documents relating to the case.

The lawsuit was filed by Warraq residents on June 25 last year as part of a concerted effort to halt a controversial government decision to evict island residents island, a largely low-income community of 90,000 that includes many who farm land there. This decision was based on orders delivered by President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi during a June 2017 speech, in which he identified Warraq as a target for the government’s land-reclamation campaign.

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