Giza Bus Attack Threatens Egypt’s Security

Source: The Jamestown Foundation for Global Research and Analysis

Author(s): Muhammad Mansour

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Egyptian security forces killed 40 militants in a shoot- out during an operation that targeted three strongholds in Giza province and North Sinai on December 29. A statement by the ministry of interior stated “police confiscated a number of guns, ammunition and explosive charges that were in the possession of the targeted terrorists” (Al-Masry Al-Youm, December 29, 2018). The counter-terror operation, which occurred one day before New Year’s Eve, was aimed at foiling militant plans to “destabilize the tourism sector and Christian worship places during the new year and Christmas celebrations.”

The security operation came in response to a terrorist attack, less than 10 hours earlier, wherein a roadside bomb hit a bus carrying 14 Vietnamese tourists along a route almost eight miles away from the Giza pyramids. The blast left four people dead and 11 others injured and was the first attack that targeted foreigners in almost two years (Al-Youm Al-Sabae, December 28, 2018).

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