‘So much damage has been done’: Court acquits 43 defendants of all charges in NGO foreign funding case

Source: Madamasr

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Original Link: https://madamasr.com/en/2018/12/20/feature/politics/so-much-damage-has-been-done-court-acquits-43-defendants-of-all-charges-in-ngo-foreign-funding-case/

A Cairo court acquitted on Thursday 43 defendants tried as part of the NGO foreign funding case, overturning a June 2013 sentence convicting them of operating unlicensed NGOs and receiving foreign funding with the intention of harming national security.

Following the issuing of the verdict, judge Mohamed al-Feqqi, who presided over Thursday’s South Cairo Criminal Court session, explains to Mada Masr that the Court of Cassation had ordered a retrial in April 2018 for the 16 defendants that appealed the verdict, as well as for the remaining defendants convicted in absentia, stating that today’s verdict was issued for all 43 defendants in the case, including those sentenced in absentia.


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