Football, Capitalism, and Militarization of the Public Space in Egypt

Source: Egyptian Institute for Studies

Author(s): Nouran Hassan

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The recent chants against Turki al-Sheikh by ultra-fan groups of Al Ahly SC has gained wide popular exposure and support, drawing to sight that sporting pride is uneasily tradable for political influence, and highlighting the contentious relation between football, foreign investment, state violence, and relevant sports policies of the 3ed July administration. Youth deviancy has been a traditional approach to analyze the repeated outburst of clash between fan groups and the police apparatus. The recent incident draws attention to the use of profane language as means to defend national dignity and retrieve the right to fun, in response to the ongoing crackdown on Ultra groups since 2011, and following efforts by foreign investors, state, media outlets, and club administrations to control the sport industry and maximize political profits through monied sport businesses. This paper delves inside the world of football conflicts, fan groups’ struggle with greed and oppression, and the subversive use of language for avenge and retrieve of rights.

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