Egypt Declares its Success in Dismantling Islamist Militancy

Source: The Jamestown Foundation For Global Research and Analysis

Author(s): Muhammad Mansour

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Eleven militants were killed by Egyptian security forces on October 24 in the latest of a series of preemptive attacks. The raid took place at a mountainous hideout located in the desert adjacent to Asyut province, 200 miles from Cairo (Al-Ahram, October 25). Five days earlier, police exchanged fire with nine other militants and killed them on the spot. Searching the cave where they were hiding in the same province, police found and confiscated automatic rifles and explosive charges that were potentially intended for use in would-be terrorist attacks (Al-Masry Al-Youm, October 10).

The police raids are part of coordinated efforts with the military forces, aimed at intensifying counter-terror operations against Islamist militants across the country. According to Egypt’s military spokesperson, Tamer al-Refai, “The Sinai 2018 Operation (which began in February 2018) has resulted in dismantling, to a great extent, the infrastructure of militants.” Al-Refai further stated, “Since embarking on the comprehensive campaign, the military killed 450 militants, foiled 1,200 explosive charges, and destroyed 900 vehicles used by militants. Also, the military arrested 4,000 militants and demolished 3,000 tunnels on the Egyptian borders” (Sky News Arabia, October 25).


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