“Eye on Debt III”, third in a series of shadow reports on IMF experts’ visit

Source: Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights


Original Link: https://eipr.org/en/publications/%E2%80%9Ceye-debt-iii%E2%80%9D-third-series-shadow-reports-imf-experts%E2%80%99-visit

This is the third report in the series “Eye on Debt.” It assesses the measures specified by the Inter- national Monetary Fund during the third review covering the period from November 2017 to May 2018. The report also tracks the steps taken by the government during this period and assesses what they have achieved.


Eye on Debt III evaluates the economic and social impact of these measures, based primarily on economic literature and previous international experiences, in the absence of official data.

In the period reviewed by the report, the IMF program imposed 14 measures on the Egyptian gov- ernment, including two measures with a positive socio-economic impact and eight measures with a negative impact on citizens and economic development more broadly.

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