More for less? Europe’s new wave of ‘migration deals’

Source: European Council on Foreign Relations

Author(s): Chloe Teevan

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North African governments may feel they have the EU over a barrel on migration flows. But Europe must set tough conditions on any new aid it gives to them

The European Union appears to be on the verge of ramping up the securitisation of its borders in its emerging strategy for dealing with migration across the Mediterranean. A central plank of this looks to be to increase collaboration with states and military actors in the southern Mediterranean which have poor human rights records. In so doing, EU member states risk further legitimising these regimes and military outfits, and propping up inherently unstable political and economic orders which will only store up more problems for the future. If the EU does not attach any form of conditionality to new deals they agree with North African regimes, deepening instability could seriously outweigh the potential short-term migration gains from this evolving cooperation.

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