Egypt: Sinai Security Status in September

Source: Egyptian Institute for Studies

Author(s): Haitham Ghoniem

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Despite going back to school after a 7-month suspension in the areas of Arish, Sheikh Zuweid, Bir al-Abed, Hasna and Nakhil, however the humanitarian crisis is still continuing in North Sinai with no horizon for a near solution. Despite the support provided by the army to local militant formations of tribesmen to help in fighting the Islamic State’s affiliate ‘Sinai Province’, however there were significant losses among the army ranks in September, most prominently the killing of the Seventh Infantry Brigade’s Chief of Staff in ​​Jabal Halal area, which the army had announced it was under their control more than once before.
In general, Operation Sinai 2018 continued in North Sinai, increasing the suffering of citizens with respect to the high rates of unemployment and poverty, which contributes to the formation of a local environment for denouncing the central authority in Cairo. This does not mean that there is real sympathy with IS affiliate ‘Sinai Province’, as the IS organization has been suspected by the Sinai people of being behind some incidents that badly affected them. Accordingly, this undermines the popularity of the ‘Sinai Province’ and its ability to move and operate. On the other hand, this situation is not in favor of the Egyptian regime either; as the Sinai population’s anger, especially among the young people, may provide the appropriate circumstances for creating an effective rebellion environment in the future, albeit under other umbrellas.
In this monthly report, we aim to provide documentation and reading of events in the Sinai Peninsula by monitoring and tracking daily military campaigns on the ground and their developments, with a numerical census on the losses of both the Egyptian Armed Forces and the militants.

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