Egypt’s Position on Global Indices Declining

Source: Egyptian Institute for Studies

Author(s): Khaled Ashour

Original Link:

International indices and reports are periodically produced by international institutions, whether governmental or independent, for those who are interested in understanding what is going on in the world and its expected trends in the future. Hence, the international indices and reports represent a kind of mirror for the decision and policy makers in countries, governments, the civil society, as well as economic, political and military institutions, and others.

Various indices examine specific phenomena in specific areas by exploring criteria and questions relating to the measurement of such phenomena for revealing its aspects. They rely on surveys, questionnaires and statistics by researchers from around the world, as well as reports issued by states and governments, and the most relevant research institutions; including business community institutions, civil society organizations, and research and academic centers. In this report, we monitor Egypt’s position on international indices and the extent of its progress or decline.

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