How Egyptian diplomacy navigated the summer of 2013

Source: Madamasr

Author(s): Donya Ezzat Translated by Salma Khalifa

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Successes in reversing any disapproval from foreign governments regarding the political changes in Egypt were made. For a number of Egyptian and foreign diplomats working in Egypt, the greatest achievement was in Egypt’s relations with Europe. Egypt has, in fact, managed to divide the states within the EU: Some states, such as Cyprus, Greece and Hungary, have become vehemently and vocally supportive of Egypt. Others have become cooperative, though quietly, such as France and Italy, despite the fact that the case of Italian student Giulio Regeni — who disappeared before he was found dead days later in early February 2016 on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road — has yet to be resolved. Others still, such as Germany, are cooperating, though reluctantly. And finally, some states, such as Sweden, are thought of as having silent relations with Egypt.

The deep and furcated economic relations between Egypt and Europe are a key element driving these developments. But more essential is the role that Egypt plays in curbing the heavy migrant influx that European governments are no longer able to cope with.

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