Sound, silence and the space between

Source: Madamasr

Author(s): Ash Moniz

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With art biennales around the world, a certain economy of artistic production, representation and opportunity is mapped out, usually prioritizing global “centers” and capital city pit-stops for jet-setters. However, there is one biennale that has historically paved the way for a non-Western, African-centric position and direction of cultural intention. In Senegal, Dak’Art, the capital’s contemporary art biennale, has been a unique historical platform and a microcosm of progressive artistic discourse in the African continent since 1990.

This year’s edition, titled L’heure Rouge (The Red Hour), which took place from May 3 to June 2, was comprised of both an “In” program, made up of the biennale’s core exhibitions, and an “Off” program, a number of independent artistic events organized around it. Between both programs, the biennale spanned the entire city, from grand museums to local residents’ living rooms.

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