Exposing State Hypocrisy: Sexual Violence by Security Forces in Egypt

Source: FIDH

Author(s): N/A

Original Link: https://www.humanite.fr/sites/default/files/files/documents/egypt_report.pdf

Since the military takeover in July 2013 and resumed control by the army and the police, there has been a surge in sexual violence perpetrated by the security forces in Egypt. While sexual violence has long been a characteristic of state violence, today it indiscriminately targets those apprehended by the security forces: in addition to opponents of General el-Sisi’s regime, victims include NGO representatives, protesters, individuals perceived as going against the moral order, as well as common-law detainees.

Such violence is widespread in detention centres. Increasingly diverse categories of the population are being targeted: women, students, minors and LGBT persons are bearing the brunt of abuses carried out in the name of security, characterised by the multiplication of arbitrary arrests and detention, with sexual violence playing a strategic part.

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