Snapshot – The Wrong Target: Egypt Imprisons Nonviolent Student Activist For Terrorism

Source: POMED

Author(s): Mahmoud Farouk

Original Link:


  • On October 15, Andrew Nasif, an Egyptian university student and leftist opposition party member, became the first Coptic Christian to be sent to prison under the country’s draconian anti-terrorism law.
  • The court ruled that Andrew promoted terrorist acts through Facebook posts, flyers, and petitions calling for political and economic rights.
  • Andrew’s lawyer describes his conviction as “truly frivolous” and “literally completely empty” of any evidence showing that he was involved in calling for violence.
  • His case is the latest example of how the Egyptian authorities punish peaceful dissent as “terrorism,” while the problem of actual violent militancy in Egypt grows worse.
  • Genuine security in Egypt will come not through blanket repression, but through the rule of law, rights, justice, and strong and accountable institutions.

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