Snapshot – Stripping Away Identity: The Dangers of a Repressive New Nationality Law in Egypt

Source: POMED

Author(s): Nael Shama

Original Link:


  • The Egyptian cabinet’s recently proposed amendments to the Nationality Law would enable the government to revoke citizenship from peaceful opponents of the regime of Abdel Fattah al-Sisi under a sweeping definition of who poses a threat to “state security” and “public order.”
  • If approved by the pro-regime parliament, the revised law would constitute a new and unprecedented tool in the regime’s repressive toolkit. The law could be wielded against opposition figures inside the country as well as against members of Egypt’s growing exile community.
  • The proposed amendments contravene Egypt’s 2014 constitution and international human rights norms.
  • Egypt appears to be borrowing from the playbook of authoritarian Gulf monarchies that use the extreme tactic of annulling the citizenship of opposition figures.

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