Fact Sheet – U.S. Military Assistance to Egypt: Separating Fact from Fiction

Source: POMED

Author(s): N/A

Original Link: http://pomed.org/fact-sheet-u-s-military-assistance-to-egypt-separating-fact-from-fiction/

Ahead of Vice President Mike Pence’s planned trip to Cairo this weekend, two new POMED fact sheets illustrate the complicated military assistance relationship between the United States and Egypt.

Below, the fact sheet “U.S. Military Assistance to Egypt: Separating Fact from Fiction” addresses common misconceptions about U.S. military aid to Egypt and shows how the United States does not receive an adequate return on investment.

“U.S. military assistance to Egypt has come to define the U.S.-Egyptian relationship in ways that are detrimental to both Washington and Cairo,” says POMED’s Deputy Director for Policy Andrew Miller. “During his scheduled trip this weekend to Egypt, Vice President Mike Pence should make clear to the Egyptian government that the time has come for fundamentally changing the way we do business.”

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