Fact Sheet – Egypt’s Campaign against Civil Society

Source: POMED

Author(s): N/A

Original Link: http://pomed.org/fact-sheet-egypts-campaign-against-civil-society/

Democracy Workers Put on Trial

In the notorious “Case 173,” a court convicted 43 American, Egyptian and other staff of 5 U.S. and German NGOs in 2013 of operating illegally and using foreign funds to “foment unrest.” The trial was marred by flagrant inaccuracies and loose evidentiary standards, and appeals still have not been heard.

Civil Society Leaders Repressed

Human rights defenders and civic activists are among the tens of thousands of Egyptians subjected to security harassment, arrests, imprisonment, and enforced disappearance.

In a new phase of Case 173, the state is investigating the funding and operations of at least 37 Egyptian civil society groups on spurious grounds of “threatening national security.” More than 50human rights defenders and civil society activists have been summoned for criminal interrogation. The authorities have banned at least 27 human rights defenders from travel and frozen the assets of at least 10 such individuals and 7 civil society organizations. Dozens more have been banned from travel outside of this case.

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