The Civil Democratic Movement: Sisi’s Regime Reacts to Its Greatest Fear

Source: POMED

Author(s): Badr Elbendary

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Four years after the popularly supported military coup that overthrew its first freely elected president, Egypt’s political life is going through a period widely seen as worse than the time of Mubarak. In presidential elections held last week, official results show president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi winning a second term with a comfortable 97.08 percent of ballots properly cast. Al-Sisi’s only challenger, Moussa Mostafa Moussa, was an unknown political figure who had been the head of a pro-Sisi electoral campaign before he was enlisted to play the role of the opposition candidate in an electoral contest marred by reports of irregularities. However, this result was obtained not only through manipulation of the electoral process. In the three months prior to the voting period, the regime’s crackdown on the public sphere reached levels not seen since the immediate aftermath of the 2013 coup, despite the regime’s unquestioned dominance of the political scene.


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