What Sisi’s ‘victory’ means for Egypt’s future

Source: Egyptian Institute for Studies

Author(S): Taha Ozhan

Original Link: https://en.eipss-eg.org/what-sisis-victory-means-for-egypts-future/

Other Link: http://www.middleeasteye.net/columns/what-sisis-victory-means-egypts-future-1166881278

The country had already lost its way in the 20th century, and there are powerful signs that it could share the same fate in this century

“Egypt will embrace its fifth president since 1953. That is to say, the country has seen only four leaders in 59 years, if Sufi Abu Talep, whose presidency lasted only eight days from Sadat’s assassination to Mubarak’s coming to power, and the ‘acting president’, Hussain Tantawi, who took over after Mubarak was overthrown, are not counted.

“What’s interesting about the 2012 Egyptian presidential election is that it is the first election held without a ‘fixed outcome’. Not knowing who will win the election has become more interesting than finally having a civilian as a president.”…

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