How the World Should Respond to Egypt’s Authoritarian Resurgence

Source: The Century Foundation

Author(s):  Michael Wahid Hanna

Original Link:

Despite the Sisi regime’s heavy-handed culling of the electoral field for Egypt’s upcoming presidential election, international reaction to the country’s stifling political environment and escalating repression has been and will continue to be muted. That acquiescence to the continuation of President Abd el-Fattah el-Sisi’s autocratic rule, against the backdrop of the farcical process that will enable it, is a function of fatigue and fear, with consideration of worst-case scenarios in an already fragile region producing caution. While international criticism would have negligible impact on Egypt’s near-term trajectory, the United States and others interested in the health and stability of Egyptian society should begin laying down clear markers as to the unacceptability of constitutionally-sanctified authoritarianism.

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