Protectors of Sharia: MSGS & Missing Scenes

Source: Egyptian Institute for Studies

Author(s): Haitham Ghoniem

Original Link:


On February 11, 2018, the Islamic State’s (IS) local affiliate ‘Sinai Province’ released a 23-minute video, in which it showcased several scenes of its recent attacks against the Egyptian Army. The IS video came in coincidence with the anniversary of former President Hosni Mubarak’s stepping down, and the Egyptian military’s announcement of launching Operation Sinai 2018.

This paper is an attempt to provide answers for the following questions:

– What messages did the IS’s Feb. 11 video want to send?

– How did Sisi contribute to the aggravation of the Egyptian crisis?

– Was Sisi able to spare Egypt a fate similar to that of Syria or Iraq – as he had promised? Or Is he (Sisi) taking the country to the same fate (of Syria and Iraq)?…..

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