Egypt, Russia: Rapprochement or Alliance?

Source: Egyptian Institute for Studies

Author (s): Khaled Fouad

Original Link:


The remarkably growing relations between Egypt and Russia over the last few years prompts us to pause a little and think deeply to understand the nature of this development at the political, military and economic levels. This paper attempts to examine the motives of the Egyptian-Russian ties after the July 3 coup (2013) to determine whether the relations between the two sides can be considered a “strategic alliance”, and explore the implications of this rapprochement on the relations between Egypt and the United States.

There are several determinants that we should address in more detail to establish a significant approach for understanding the nature and dimensions of Egyptian-Russian relations in the current period. We will also shed more light on the Russian foreign policy towards the Middle East and attempt to understand the Russian position on the Arab Spring revolutions…

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