Korber Stiftung

Source Link: https://www.koerber-stiftung.de/en.html


Social change needs dialogue and understanding. With its operational projects, in its networks and together with cooperation partners, the Körber Foundation addresses current challenges in the practical action areas of demographic change, innovation and international understanding. Its work currently focuses on three topics: “New Working Life”, “Digital Literacy” and “Russia in Europe”.

Established in 1959 by the entrepreneur and initiator Kurt A. Körber, the Körber Foundation is nationally and internationally active today with its own projects, cooperations and events. Around EUR 18 million/year is available for the Foundation’s non-profit work. About 90 staff work at the Hamburg and Berlin locations.

The Körber Foundation is a company shareholder foundation and is sole shareholder of Körber AG, which is part of the Foundation’s assets. This comprises a total of more than EUR 560 million. Körber AG is the holding company of an international technology group employing around 12,000 staff worldwide. From its shareholding, the Foundation receives an annual dividend which it uses exclusively for non-profit purposes.

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