Fact Sheet – What Does an Annual $1.3 Billion in Military Assistance to Egypt Buy American Taxpayers?

Source: Pomed – Project On Middle East Democracy
Author(s): Unknown

Original Link: http://pomed.org/pomed-publications/fact-sheet-what-does-an-annual-1-3-billion-in-military-assistance-to-egypt-buy-american-taxpayers/?utm_source=Project+on+Middle+East+Democracy+-+All+Contacts&utm_campaign=42eb7efa3b-POMED_ExpertComment_170919&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_75a06056d7-42eb7efa3b-215971665


Ahead of Vice President Mike Pence’s planned trip to Cairo this weekend, two new POMED fact sheets illustrate the complicated military assistance relationship between the United States and Egypt.

Find Factsheets at Original Link.

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