Looking into the latest acquisition of Egyptian media companies by general intelligence

Source: Madamasr
Author(s): Hossam Bahgat

Original Link: https://www.madamasr.com/en/2017/12/21/feature/politics/looking-into-the-latest-acquisition-of-egyptian-media-companies-by-general-intelligence/

Eagle Capital, a company unknown to the public, recently acquired businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima’s stake in Egyptians’ Media Holding, which owns several media companies in Egypt, according to a press statement made on Tuesday.

Mada Masr dug into the details, speaking to eight sources with direct knowledge of the deal, most of whom spoke on condition of anonymity. The information they gave us sheds light on the involvement of Egypt’s General Intelligence Service in Egypt’s media landscape.

Eagle Capital for Financial Investments S.A.E, headed by former Investment Minister Dalia Khorshid, is a private equity fund owned by the General Intelligence Service, and was recently founded to manage the apparatus’ partial and full equity in several private sector projects and companies, according to sources who were in direct contact with the company. One of these sources met with Khorshid in person at the company headquarters in the Fifth Settlement on the eastern outskirts of Cairo….

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