Egypt | With the blatant rigging of the upcoming 2018 presidential elections underway, Rights groups propose ten guarantees for free and fair elections

Source: Cairo Institute For Human Rights Studies
Author(s): Unknown

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The undersigned organizations condemn the repressive and unjust actions taken against all individuals who have announced their intention to run in the presidential elections scheduled to begin in February 2018, and propose ten guarantees to ensure free and fair elections in Egypt. The current political and legislative context in Egypt lacks the minimum guarantees needed to conduct a free and fair election. If this context remains devoid of a set of guarantees and reforms to re-open the public sphere and facilitate competitive and fair elections that respect the Egyptian Constitution, the presidential elections will simply be a referendum to renew fealty to the sitting president. Ensuring the continuation of the current regime through a rigged referendum would smother the potential for a peaceful transfer of power while exacerbating political violence, terrorism, and political instability.

In this context, if the Egyptian government fails to respond to the election guarantees proposed in this statement, any international institution or organization participating in this preemptive misrepresentation of the voters’ will may be seen as offering its tacit approval….

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