The Demise of Islamism in Egypt? – The Dissolution of al-Gamaʿa al-Islamiyya’s “Building and Development” Party

Source: The Moshe Dayan Center For Middle Eastern And African Studies
Author(s): Michael Barak

Original Link:

On October 27, Egypt’s high court ordered the dissolution of the “Building and Development” (Al Binaʾ wa al-Tanmiyya) Party, the political wing of al-Gamaʿa al-Islamiyya. It claimed that the party was undermining the social order, trying to destabilize the incumbent regime, and was involved in the wave of terror plaguing Egypt. The decision to dissolve the party was, without a doubt, a major shock for al-Gamaʿa al-Islamiyya, but that’s not all. It threatens other Islamist parties and thus the future of Islamism in Egypt…

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