The British U-Turn on Egypt

Source: Egyptian Institute For Studies
Author(s): Amr Darrag

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The British U-Turn on Egypt

In the past few weeks, British officials have made statements and moves which have mostly lent strong support to the current Egyptian regime – and ones which ignore the growing violations, perpetrated constantly and methodologically, by the regime against Egyptian citizens.

Instead, British officials levelled charges against political Islam in general and the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in particular. These moves seem to indicate a new approach on the part of the current British government toward Egypt that is worth analysing.

In the wake of the 3 July 2013 military coup, British foreign policy toward the Egyptian regime was somewhat reserved. Although British officials failed to call the toppling of Egypt’s first elected civilian president a coup, they observed caution in dealing with the new regime. Sisi was not officially received in London and did not meet former UK Prime Minister David Cameron until November 2015….

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