Extrajudicial killings have spiked in Egypt

Source: Egyptian Institute For Studies
Author(s): Sudarsan Raghavan

Original Link: http://en.eipss-eg.org/extrajudicial-killings-have-spiked-in-egypt/

Washingtonpost, Since Trump’s Mideast visit, extrajudicial killings have spiked in Egypt, By Sudarsan Raghavan, 30 August 2017.

CAIRO — Two months after Sabry Mohammed Said vanished, his body turned up at the morgue. He had been shot three times and severely beaten, his family said.

The 46-year-old accountant and father of five was a rank-and-file member of the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood movement. Egyptian authorities claimed he was also a terrorist who was killed in a June gun battle with police.

But Said’s daughter Sara Sabry said he hadn’t been politically active in three years and had never been arrested. When relatives went to get a police report, the precinct had no record of the incident.

Now, Sabry is convinced that her father died in the custody of Egypt’s notorious state security forces….

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