A Reading in Egypt’s Development Plan 2017/2018

Source: Egyptian Institute For Studies
Author(s): Abdelhafez Alsawy

Original Link: http://en.eipss-eg.org/a-reading-in-egypts-development-plan-2017-2018/

Planning is not a dream in the void. However, one of the initial steps of proper planning is to know the correct data about resources and needs. Egypt’s Ministry of Planning, as well as the National Planning Institute had been a source of reliable economic data for long periods before Ahmed Nazif became prime minister during Mubarak’s era (from 14 July 2004 to 29 January 2011). Then, researchers began questioning the accuracy of data, which began to be politicized. For example, Dr. Mohamed Othman, the former minister of economic development in Ahmed Nazif’s government, has recently declared that only LE 150 per month is sufficient for meeting the needs of an individual citizen in Egypt, amid price hikes and decline in the standard of living of a large segment of the Egyptian society…

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