Egypt’s Challenging Shift from Counterterrorism to Counterinsurgency in the Sinai

Source: The Institute For National Security Studies
Author(s): Ofir Winter, Meirav Malter

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Since June 2017, Egypt has been dealing with a signficant rise in terror attacks in the Sinai Peninsula and inside Egypt by Sinai Province, the Islamic State affiliate. Improving the security situation in the country requires Cairo to overcome the challenges in shifting from its counterterrorism (CT) efforts to a counterinsurgency (COIN) campaign that will be focused on the local population in the Sinai. The Egyptian government is already taking its first steps in this direction on the military, economic, social, and political levels, including the establishment of the National Council to Confront Terrorism and Extremism in July 2017; yet still, Egypt must formulate a full-fledged, integrated, and effective COIN strategy. The international community, for its part, has an interest in assisting Cairo to successfully transition to this strategy by providing military aid in weapons and methods of warfare as well as targeted economic aid…

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